2020-2021 Program for Grades 1-8

Due to the unique circumstances surrounding COVID 19, our program for children in grades 1-8 will look a little different from what we normally offer. The curriculum is an online program Spirit of Truth by Sophia Institute of Teachers. Each child will have access to the entire platform which offers many different ways to engage and learn.  Families will login at home to learn and share the Catholic faith through the engaging and interactive activities offered through the program.

Children eligible to complete their sacraments this year will attend preparation classes in the spring of 2021.  They will need to be enrolled in the parish faith formation program beginning in November as part of their preparation.  We will have more information for those families about the sacraments in January 2021.  

Faith Formation Program Fall of 2021

Grades 1-5

In order to best support the personal development and relationship with Jesus, a classroom style setting is offered.  Curriculum that is used will be Sophia Institute of Teachers Spirit of Truth and Ruah Woods Press Theology of the Body. As faith formation is more than just religious instruction, the goal is growth in faith and leading all to live out the faith in their community.  Through hands-on projects and exploration of the Catholic faith, formation of the whole child is encouraged. 

  • All grades meet on Sunday mornings from 11-12 at St. Joseph’s Regional School

  • Classrooms will be designated by signs on each door of the classroom indicating Faith Formation Grade

  • 2nd Grade will complete the Sacrament of First Reconciliation (Date will be announced in the spring)

  • 3rd Grade will complete the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation (Date will be announced in the spring)

Grades 6-8

The middle grades program is an integrated approach to faith formation which includes small and large group exercises.  The curriculum balances a focus on developing the gifts received from Confirmation as well as the youth’s personal faith journey.  Service opportunities like visiting the nursing homes and homeless shelter allow the youth to live and share their faith in our community.  

  • Meet on Sunday mornings from 11-12 in the St. Joseph’s Regional School gymnasium

  • Service opportunities will be a part of the curriculum and families will be notified on the time or place changes via email and handouts in class

Children who need to receive Sacraments according to the Restored Order, and are not in 2nd or 3rd grade

Please contact Heather Carlson at or 603-499-8308 to discuss the options for your specific situation.