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     In the Book of Tobit St Raphael was sent by God to Tobit and Sarah, who were strangers living in two different cities. Tobit suffered from physical blindness and had to endure being homebound and the ridicule of his neighbors. Sarah suffered from spiritual afflictions of a demon who had killed all seven of the men she had married. Both Tobit and Sarah were very faithful and very desperate. They cried out to God and God heard their prayers. St Raphael was sent to each of them by way of Tobit’s son Tobiah who journeyed with Raphael not knowing he was an angel sent by God. When Tobiah reached Sarah’s home, Raphael instructed him to make a healing oil from a fish he had caught. Tobiah’s faithfulness led to the spiritual healing and deliverance of Sarah, they were married and journeyed back to Ninevah to see Tobit. Upon arrival Tobiah applied the oil to Tobit’s eyes and he was healed of his blindness.

     In this story, we witness the spiritual and physical healing that God gives through the ‘intercession’ of Raphael. Raphael has always been associated with the praying for and healing of the sick, both physically and spiritually. The name ‘Raphael’ literally means “God’s remedy”. With this as our inspiration our St Raphael Healing Ministry has a twofold purpose. Like many parishes, we will be collecting the names of the sick in our parish and listing them in the bulletin. This includes family members and friends of parishioners who may live in different areas. The idea is that we form a list of names of people you all can pray for. We will include this list as a general intercession, at our Masses. You will find below, various guidelines on how this prayer list will work.

     In the second aspect of this ministry we will ask the sick and the homebound to pray for us as well! Our homebound who are able will also be asked to pray for the fruitfulness of the parish life, the needs of the people of our parish, and the needs of the world. By way of the bulletin, we will include various prayer intentions (like the war in Ukraine, or the Love for Live Collaboration, for example) they can pray for. We will provide for them a rosary, a prayer card and medallion of St Raphael. Our homebound will become our prayer warriors! This will have the added benefit of including them, more fully into the life and needs of the parish. We all long for a sense of purpose and this can feel taken away from us when we are sick. Much spiritual, emotional, and physical healing can happen when we are brought more deeply and intentionally into community. Asking for our sick and homebound to pray for us is as needed as our prayers for them.

We are very excited to get the St. Raphael ministry up and going.  We look forward to your participation!  We have a few directions for submitting names that will help us as we begin this ministry.  Please send your name in via email ( or fill out the form below.   At this time, we request that you send no more than two names.  We also ask that either the person requesting or being prayed for be a parishioner of the Parish of the Holy Spirit.  


If you have any questions, please call the Outreach extension at the Parish Office: 603-352-3526 x305.


Thank you!

Diane Farina

Request for Prayers for the Sick

Thanks for submitting!

All requests will be confirmed by the outreach office with the family of the sick before initiation, to comply with all HIPAA laws.  This form or a note containing the same information can be placed in the collection basket or emailed to  Name of the sick will be listed in the bulletin for approximately one month.  If you wish to continue after that, you will ned to submit another form. 

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