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Spring 2022




A message from the Capital Campaign Committee:


As of this writing, the parishioners of the Parish of the Holy Spirit have pledged over $1,946,000 to our Honoring the Past, Embracing our Future capital campaign. This is an amazing achievement which is the result of the generosity of parishioners from our three churches.

Thank you for your sacrificial gifts.


The capital campaign committee would like to thank everyone for praying for the success of our campaign.

We surpassed our goal and know the power of your prayers guided us through this campaign.


The campaign committee worked very hard to communicate the purpose of the campaign and the value to each

of us in our Catholic community. Our committee is incredibly grateful to everyone who attended a reception,

took the time to take a tour of the rectory, and contributed to the three-year campaign.


And last but not least, our campaign would like to thank all of the volunteers who stuffed envelopes, helped to cook, serve and clean-up at receptions, made posters, made phone calls, or simply lent a hand when needed. 

Your energy and enthusiasm made all the difference.

Now we will begin to make the improvements we need.  We are beginning to receive finalized quotations and

the necessary approvals in order to commence the numerous campaign projects. We plan to update the Parish

on a regular basis to keep you informed on our progress.


Thank you and God Bless you,


Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future Campaign Committee

Father Alan Trembley

Ann Szot and Kevin Rose Co- Chairs

Rick and Lynne Cavallaro- Reception Chairs

Debbie Rose and Diane Langlois- Redemption Chairs

Committee Members:

Deacon Ken Swymer

Dave Allard

Lisa Allard

Hunter Burgess

Greg Carlson

Trish Campbell

Diane and John Farina

Mark Gavin

Peter Greisbach

Sarah Kaczenski

Gary and Rho Markiewicz

Dave Prunier

Karla Sully

Wayne and Claire Temmen

Dominika von Semkov

Joe Walier


Welcome to the website for Parish of the Holy Spirit and Mary. Our Catholic Community serves the whole southwest region of New Hampshire. Our churches are located in Keene & Hinsdale. 

We are committed to offering spiritual nourishment and healing through the sacraments and we strive to foster a lively faith in Jesus Christ, with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, a faith that is rooted in the Gospel command to love God with our whole hearts and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Our hope is that this website will be your window into our parishes that helps you to become and remain connected to Jesus through our parish. Let us know how we can help you.

In Christ,

Fr. Alan Tremblay | Pastor

Fr. Britto Adaikalam | Associate Pastor


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